Keysight M8920A

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Keysight M8920A

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Key Features & Specifications


RF and audio signal generation and analysis for military, public safety, and avionics radio communications

Analog/digital signal formats measurements including APCO P25, Tetra, DMR, and dPMR

RF/AF Spectrum

Tx and Rx measurements: hum and noise, SINAD and THD, SNR, sensitivity, modulation quality

General-purpose measurements and commercial standards supported (LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth)

100 kHz to 6 GHz frequency range with up to 160 MHz bandwidth

Using Keysight’s new N9093A Radio Test Software, giving access and control of multiple key instruments on one screen while viewing a variety of critical measurements at the same time.

Test analog Avionics Radios, and your Avionics Databus with optional Databus modules


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Source: Keysight

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